Apricots are cultivated throughout the temperate regions of the world, especially in the Mediterranean. On the territory of Bulgaria there are few regions where they are expecialy siutable for growing. Here some of the varieties we can offer:


“Its flavour, crunchiness and sweetness (16-18° Brix) can impress anybody. They’re harvested in May and available until end of May.

Flavor: Sweet

Available for sale:  15.05 – 25.05


Excellent, very aromatic with a sugar content of 14 ° Brix, this is a perfect following TSUNAMI® with its strong taste potential. Very juicy flesh has an orange color, crunchy and very little acid with a thick skin allows a very solid fruit, resisting the most violent weather events. Tornado harvest begins in the end of May.

Flavor: Sweet

Available for: 25.05 – 05.06


Excellent, Sugar content = 13° Brix. The flesh is orange, juicy and firm. The skin is resistant to handling and smooth. We can supply this variety beginning of July.

Flavor:  Sweet

Available for sale:  10.07 – 20.07