Cherry Production

Production and processing:

The best quality of the product is a must at all stages of our production – commencing with the cultivation and ending with the loading.

Cultivation and harvesting:

Consistently high yields with outstanding quality are only possible through the initial and careful selection of the best combination of rootstocks, training systems and cherry varieties. Our high-experienced agronomists choose the best possible options. Diligent pruning of the trees is carried out around fall time. A proper execution of this process enables sunlight penetration and reaching optimal number of buds balanced with tree’s ability to nourish the fruit. With the approaching of spring time, our agronomists engage in a sophisticated soil check activities to assess the precise selection of needed fertilizers while adhering to certified growing methods set by Global GAP. Our orchards are equipped with drip irrigation systems, anti-frost and anti-hail equipment for fruit development and proper protection against adverse weather conditions. As of May the monitoring is directed towards fruit maturity and sugar content checks to ensure the harvest begins at the appropriate stage of ripeness. The first varieties are ready for pick up around the third week of May and the season continues until the second week of July.

Cooling, sorting and packing:

After harvesting, the cherries go through a pre-cooling procedure by means of a special hydro-cooler and are processed on a first-in-first-out basis to ensure their freshness. At the next stage the chilled cherries are transported through a state-of-the-art technology which ensures accurate grading of the fruit by size, color and quality. Technologically advanced chambers are integrated into our facilities as well in order to rapidly react to the market situation and to satisfy our clients’ needs in the best possible way.