SORS - Superior Outcome, Remarkable Service

SORS is a privately owned business predominantly focused on the production and export of ecologically grown sweet cherries for fresh consumption. The high quality product which SORS is associated with is attributable to the following factors:

  • A great geographical location with very favorable climate and soil conditions.
  • Expertise of our agronomists who apply the most contemporary growing practices.
  • Advanced cooling, sorting, packing and storage technology.
  • The rest of our dedicated and professional staff who respond in the best possible way to meet the needs of our customers.

Cherry Varieties

– Early Lory: Early Lory is an early variety with a dark red skin color and medium firmness. It is interesting for its appearance, size and flavorful fruit; – Giorgia: It is an early-mid season variety well-suited to various zones, produces fruits that are large in size, with a bright to dark red skin and a very firm pulp promoting a very good shelf-life; – […]

Cherry Production

Production and processing: The best quality of the product is a must at all stages of our production – commencing with the cultivation and ending with the loading. Cultivation and harvesting: Consistently high yields with outstanding quality are only possible through the initial and careful selection of the best combination of rootstocks, training systems and cherry varieties. Our high-experienced agronomists choose the best possible options. Diligent […]

Other Fruits

Apart from cherries, and due to our durable business relationships with selected growers throughout the whole country, we are able to supply other high quality fruits, such as but not limited to apples, apricots, peaches, nectarines, table grape, etc. For more information about our other fruit exports, please Contact Us!

Our Mission.

Responsible by nature, we at SORS believe that delivering fruits grown according to all ecological standards leads to an improved well-being for all and overall quality of life. We are what we consume!

Our Vision & Strategy.

A healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more prominent lately and we envision this tendency to further strengthen its validity. As such our company’s approach is building up long-term business relationships with our customers worldwide through delivering a top quality fresh produce.

Our Values.

Our company’s DNA is built upon the following four pillars: dedication when it comes to the efforts and passion in our work, integrity through all the processes, ethical policy in our corporate management and excellence for the final result.